1948 Michelina – Cambio Corsa

On the same trip to Italy where I picked up the Servadei, I also found this rather wonderful, Campagnolo Cambio-Corsa equipped Michelina. Again, much like the Servadei, it was embarrassingly well looked-after for a 65-year old bike. It must be something to do with the warm, dry climate and the passion for cycling in the region. All that was required upon returning to the UK was a strip down and service, new bar tape and cables, new brake blocks, new tubular tyres and some nice cork bar-end plugs. I think the result is an exceptionally pretty bike. The elegance and … Continue reading 1948 Michelina – Cambio Corsa

Glauco Servadei – 1913-1968

Born in Forlì, Italy on July 27, 1913 Glauco Servadei remains one of the leading figures in the cycling-mad Emilia-Romagna region of North-East Italy. He was a long-limbed and extremely powerful athlete – of the generation whose careers were disrupted by the outbreak of the Second World War (though racing did continue through much of the war). He was an exceptional all-rounder, with a good sprint and the power to do well on the climbs. This was in the days when gear ratios put hairs on your chest! He had a distinguished career as a junior and amateur, winning more than 60 … Continue reading Glauco Servadei – 1913-1968

1952 Servadei Cambio Corsa

On a recent trip to Italy, I was fortunate enough to pick up a couple of rather wonderful vintage bikes, that I’d like to keep a record of here. First up is this Campagnolo Cambio Corsa-equipped Servadei bike, made in Forli in the early 1950s. The gentleman I picked the bike up from was the original owner, having bought it from the Cicli Servadei shop and 6-time Giro d’Italia stage winner Glauco Servadei himself. Here are the photos, firstly from the Adriatic Coast near Forli in north-east Italy, then back home in the UK. It really is that well looked-after. … Continue reading 1952 Servadei Cambio Corsa

Close Pass Videos – Enough Already?

Just a quick couple of pleas to anyone who’ll listen. Cyclists: If you have a genuine incident of a close pass please take it straight to the Police. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 views. Having a headcam and a Youtube account does not make you the eighth member of the Justice League. It does seem to make you feel the need to share every instance of a “close pass” online, and in doing so to fan the flames and increase the feeling of us and them on the roads. If you don’t think it’s ‘worth taking to … Continue reading Close Pass Videos – Enough Already?

New Headbadge? No problem!

So, in a future post I’ll document the story of the rescue and restoration of my 1950s Servadei lightweight bike, but for the moment I’ve got something I wanted to share quickly. I found someone who can make new pewter and enamel headbadges! I had nearly finished the Servadei when I realised I knew literally nothing about what decals or headbadge it would have had back in the 1950s. But no matter – a quick exchange of emails with the grandson of the great Glauco Servadei, and current owner of Cicli Servadei in Forli, Italy and I had a photograph … Continue reading New Headbadge? No problem!