Bianchi Folgorissima update

It’s back, baby! So, I had a call from Dan at Bool’s to say the Bianchi was ready to go, so off to Bristol I went to collect it… and boy, did it look good. A little research on the Historic Bianchi Register revealed that, based on the serial number, this was a Folgorissima, not a Folgore. Certain other details gave it away, too: the seat clamp, the front and rear mudguard eyes and the lugs. Of course, the Folgorissima (Super Lightning) quickly became renamed as the Paris-Roubaix, after Coppi won the 1950 race on one. It was also equipped … Continue reading Bianchi Folgorissima update

Colnago Tecnos

This is my Practical Superbike – a steel framed Colnago Tecnos, dating from 2002. According to Laura Paolini at Colnago (the source of all available serial number information on Colnagos) it was originally “color AD10, I think it has later been repainted in AD14”. AD10 was the light blue version of the same Art Deco colour scheme and yellow was the primary colour of the team that owned it before me. It’s an ex-team bike, from a German domestic outfit but these days is fitted with a much more friendly Campagnolo triple crankset. In fact, it’s Campagnolo throughout, but a bit … Continue reading Colnago Tecnos

Wahoo Kickr 2017

One of the members of my cycling group (to call it a club would be to formalise it and that would be against its ethos) popped up on Facebook last week looking to sell his virtually unused Wahoo Kickr 2017 turbo. Purely coincidentally, Sarah put up a training plan on the kitchen cupboards the other day that includes several indoor bike sessions over the Christmas holidays, in preparation for Eroica next year. As the ever-loving husband always looking for an excuse to buy new toys I was already looking for a second turbo so we could have side-by-side Zwift sessions … Continue reading Wahoo Kickr 2017