Another Ride On for Zwift

Apart from the fact that it’s fun, it helps keep/get me fit and my FTP has gone through the roof, here’s another reason Why I Love Zwift to add to those here, You get to ride with monument-winning Olympic and World Tour Champions. I logged on tonight (Sarah had just done her final 40k for the week and it was my turn) to find that a group ride had just started with the ZSun crew. Now these guys ride for fun at a nice relaxed pace, usually. However tonight they were joined by a certain Anna van der Breggen. That’s … Continue reading Another Ride On for Zwift

Close Pass Videos – Enough Already?

Just a quick couple of pleas to anyone who’ll listen. Cyclists: If you have a genuine incident of a close pass please take it straight to the Police. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 views. Having a headcam and a Youtube account does not make you the eighth member of the Justice League. It does seem to make you feel the need to share every instance of a “close pass” online, and in doing so to fan the flames and increase the feeling of us and them on the roads. If you don’t think it’s ‘worth taking to … Continue reading Close Pass Videos – Enough Already?