Colnago Saronni in red, but not Saronni Red!

You may have seen the ‘before’ pics of this bike here. It’s an early Colnago Saronni – that is to say, it’s a Colnago Super. rebranded and badged by Ernesto to honour his ‘favourite son’, Beppe Saronni. In due course the brand expanded and was eventually sold off, so the later bikes were made by other Italian builders like Technotrat. Great bikes in their own right, but not Colnagos, despite what unscrupulous eBayers will tell you. The term Saronni is now associated more with the deep metallic burgundy colour of the bike Saronni rode (see my Colnago Super for an … Continue reading Colnago Saronni in red, but not Saronni Red!

Colnago Super – in Saronni Red

The iconic Colnago Super. I’ve had a few over the years, and refined it down to this one. Simple, classic, clean, bloody good looking and in the iconic ‘Saronni Red’. Now, ironically, I also have a red Colnago Saronni which isn’t in this red. I collected this one on a trip to Italy a while ago and it will be heading back there with me for Eroica in October 2018 – and very possibly to Flanders for the Retro Ronde in June. Continue reading Colnago Super – in Saronni Red

Colnago Tecnos

This is my Practical Superbike – a steel framed Colnago Tecnos, dating from 2002. According to Laura Paolini at Colnago (the source of all available serial number information on Colnagos) it was originally “color AD10, I think it has later been repainted in AD14”. AD10 was the light blue version of the same Art Deco colour scheme and yellow was the primary colour of the team that owned it before me. It’s an ex-team bike, from a German domestic outfit but these days is fitted with a much more friendly Campagnolo triple crankset. In fact, it’s Campagnolo throughout, but a bit … Continue reading Colnago Tecnos

2 out of 3 aint bad

So in the space of 24 hours this week I had calls from both Brian D at Classic and Vintage Cycles in Hadfield and Brian R at Golden Age Cycles in Banbury, both with good news. The Saronni‘s ready and the Missing Paris Roubaix Nut is ready. Woohoo! Photos and updates to follow shortly, along with news of further Cambio Corsa-equipped acquisitions. All we need now is some warm weather and Dan Bool to come up trumps with the Bianchi Continue reading 2 out of 3 aint bad

Campagnolo Paris Roubaix – Driving Me Nuts!

So I’d been stalking this rather lovely 1950s Italian bike on eBay for a while. It had been listed and relisted as a Buy It Now-only several times, with a slightly reduced price and a slightly higher number of watchers each time… but it didn’t sell. Then, the seller finally bit the bullet and put it up for auction and of course it began to attract bids. Over the 8 weeks it had been up, I had researched this bike somewhat and discovered it had been bought by the current owner at a Sotheby’s auction a couple of years ago. … Continue reading Campagnolo Paris Roubaix – Driving Me Nuts!

Colnago Saronni – Update

So, I just got an email from Brian at Golden Age Cycles who’s working on restoring my Colnago Saronni (see the ‘before’s here). Hi David, it’s back, and looking amazing…. I’ll start the rebuild in the next few days.  Regards,  Brian What with that, the weather warming up, my recorded FTP going up and Sarah smashing her weekly mileage target all-in-all it’s been a pretty good weekend! Continue reading Colnago Saronni – Update