Campagnolo Paris Roubaix – Driving Me Nuts!

So I’d been stalking this rather lovely 1950s Italian bike on eBay for a while. It had been listed and relisted as a Buy It Now-only several times, with a slightly reduced price and a slightly higher number of watchers each time… but it didn’t sell. Then, the seller finally bit the bullet and put it up for auction and of course it began to attract bids. Over the 8 weeks it had been up, I had researched this bike somewhat and discovered it had been bought by the current owner at a Sotheby’s auction a couple of years ago. … Continue reading Campagnolo Paris Roubaix – Driving Me Nuts!

Another Ride On for Zwift

Apart from the fact that it’s fun, it helps keep/get me fit and my FTP has gone through the roof, here’s another reason Why I Love Zwift to add to those here, You get to ride with monument-winning Olympic and World Tour Champions. I logged on tonight (Sarah had just done her final 40k for the week and it was my turn) to find that a group ride had just started with the ZSun crew. Now these guys ride for fun at a nice relaxed pace, usually. However tonight they were joined by a certain Anna van der Breggen. That’s … Continue reading Another Ride On for Zwift

Colnago Saronni – Update

So, I just got an email from Brian at Golden Age Cycles who’s working on restoring my Colnago Saronni (see the ‘before’s here). Hi David, it’s back, and looking amazing…. I’ll start the rebuild in the next few days.  Regards,  Brian What with that, the weather warming up, my recorded FTP going up and Sarah smashing her weekly mileage target all-in-all it’s been a pretty good weekend! Continue reading Colnago Saronni – Update

She’s only gone and done it…

So, the plan to do a lot of his ‘n hers indoor cycling over the Christmas break, on the new Wahoo Kickr and the Elite TurboMuin seems to have worked: 615km clocked up over the week, but… *drumroll* more importantly… Sarah’s only gone and signed up for the BHF London Southend ride in July! Importantly, it comes after Eroica (which was already in the diary and the partial cause of the training plan which appeared on the kitchen cupboard door), which means she’s done it out of an actual desire to do it, not a sense of ‘what have I let myself … Continue reading She’s only gone and done it…

Colnago Saronni – ‘before’

I’ve always loved Colnagos. Thinking about it, who hasn’t? Anyway, a little while ago I rescued this Saronni from Spain. At first glance, it looks great, and that’s what drew me to it. First thoughts on seeing a bike badged Saronni are usually: “Is it a Colnago Saronni or one of those Technotrat Saronnis?”Or, indeed “Is it a Saronni at all?” For some reason, they seem to be very popular aftermarket fakes. Either because the decals are cheap or, more likely, because for a 1980s bike with classic heritage, comparatively little is known about them. This makes them ripe for … Continue reading Colnago Saronni – ‘before’

Wahoo Kickr 2017

One of the members of my cycling group (to call it a club would be to formalise it and that would be against its ethos) popped up on Facebook last week looking to sell his virtually unused Wahoo Kickr 2017 turbo. Purely coincidentally, Sarah put up a training plan on the kitchen cupboards the other day that includes several indoor bike sessions over the Christmas holidays, in preparation for Eroica next year. As the ever-loving husband always looking for an excuse to buy new toys I was already looking for a second turbo so we could have side-by-side Zwift sessions … Continue reading Wahoo Kickr 2017