Colnago Tecnos

This is my Practical Superbike – a steel framed Colnago Tecnos, dating from 2002.

According to Laura Paolini at Colnago (the source of all available serial number information on Colnagos) it was originally “color AD10, I think it has later been repainted in AD14”. AD10 was the light blue version of the same Art Deco colour scheme and yellow was the primary colour of the team that owned it before me.

It’s an ex-team bike, from a German domestic outfit but these days is fitted with a much more friendly Campagnolo triple crankset. In fact, it’s Campagnolo throughout, but a bit of a mongrel: Athena brakes, Chorus brifters, Veloce rear mech, Chorus front mech, Super Record hubs etc.

But the main thing is, it gets ridden, lots. It’s just about my favourite bike to ride, as it combines the super-smoothness of the Columbus Colnago steel ride, with the can’t-stop-smiling character of a classic bike and the unstoppability of a triple chainset. I also rather like the fact that none of it matches – it works for me, and I’ve got other bikes to be anal about – this one’s for riding the snot out of.

It’s absolutely brilliant on the morning commute, soaking up the crappy vibrations of what Essex County Council laughably call the A127 Cycle Path while keeping even a lump like me in a comfortable yet slightly aero position. 2-3 minutes quicker than my Jake the Snake for a similar level of perceived effort… but maybe I just don’t perceive the effort as much, as it’s such a glorious bike to ride 🙂

Colnago Tecnos - 2000

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