Colnago Saronni in red, but not Saronni Red!

You may have seen the ‘before’ pics of this bike here. It’s an early Colnago Saronni – that is to say, it’s a Colnago Super. rebranded and badged by Ernesto to honour his ‘favourite son’, Beppe Saronni. In due course the brand expanded and was eventually sold off, so the later bikes were made by other Italian builders like Technotrat. Great bikes in their own right, but not Colnagos, despite what unscrupulous eBayers will tell you.

The term Saronni is now associated more with the deep metallic burgundy colour of the bike Saronni rode (see my Colnago Super for an example) rather than the bikes that bore his name. This Saronni is a Colnago Saronni but, as you will see, is not Saronni!

Before: Colnago Saronni – first glance, looks amazing
…but scrappy chromework



and dodgy rattlecan oversprays

Well, it’s now back from being resprayed and rechromed by Bob Jackson and it looks amazing!

There are 2 things remaining that I’m agonising over, namely the stem and the seat clamp bolt.

I know, I know, first world problems.




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