Wahoo Kickr 2017

One of the members of my cycling group (to call it a club would be to formalise it and that would be against its ethos) popped up on Facebook last week looking to sell his virtually unused Wahoo Kickr 2017 turbo.


Purely coincidentally, Sarah put up a training plan on the kitchen cupboards the other day that includes several indoor bike sessions over the Christmas holidays, in preparation for Eroica next year. As the ever-loving husband always looking for an excuse to buy new toys I was already looking for a second turbo so we could have side-by-side Zwift sessions and get sweaty in the shed together. How romantic!

So a practically new Kickr at a mates rates price was too good to miss.

Now, I’ve been using an Elite TurboMuin B+ fluid / direct drive trainer for a couple of years and I bloody love it: it’s quiet, provides progressive resistance and has a power meter that’s accurate within around 1.5% but it’s not smart smart. It’s super-smooth but the power curve comes from software: it doesn’t physically get harder when riding uphill on screen, you just go slower. To maintain speed you have to work harder whereas on the Kickr the resistance responds to the virtual gradient which means you’re much more regularly changing gear or effort level. It’s these subtle, dynamic changes that make it so much more engaging.

So this week’s indoor miles have been on a shiny (nearly) new Wahoo Kickr. Ironically, despite it being fully smart, it’s spent most of its time in Erg Mode, where the resistance adjusts to keep power constant, irrespective of gear selection and cadence. I’ve been on Week 1 of the 4-week FTP Builder program in Zwift, it’s puke-inducingly hard and I love it.

Just hope I can keep it up over Christmas.


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