1952 Servadei Cambio Corsa

On a recent trip to Italy, I was fortunate enough to pick up a couple of rather wonderful vintage bikes, that I’d like to keep a record of here.

First up is this Campagnolo Cambio Corsa-equipped Servadei bike, made in Forli in the early 1950s. The gentleman I picked the bike up from was the original owner, having bought it from the Cicli Servadei shop and 6-time Giro d’Italia stage winner Glauco Servadei himself.

Here are the photos, firstly from the Adriatic Coast near Forli in north-east Italy, then back home in the UK.


It really is that well looked-after. I just gave it a thorough service, removed the slightly rusty bottle cage, wrapped some new cloth bar tape and fitted a new chain.

The Cicli Servadei shop is still going strong in Forli, where the grandson of the founder, the late Glauco Servadei is now in charge. I contacted him by email to show him the bike and we got into a lovely conversation. He sent me a copy of the original logo, so I could arrange a new headbadge (see this post).

For more about Glauco Servadei, click here.

Now, back to the bike…

Servadei - Cambio CorsaIMG_5993DSC00356DSC00355DSC00368IMG_6007IMG_5994IMG_6008IMG_6009IMG_6010DSC00365DSC00362DSC00359DSC00346DSC00345DSC00347DSC00348DSC00350DSC00349DSC00353DSC00340DSC00335DSC00333


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