Close Pass Videos – Enough Already?

Just a quick couple of pleas to anyone who’ll listen.

Cyclists: If you have a genuine incident of a close pass please take it straight to the Police. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 views.

Having a headcam and a Youtube account does not make you the eighth member of the Justice League. It does seem to make you feel the need to share every instance of a “close pass” online, and in doing so to fan the flames and increase the feeling of us and them on the roads.

If you don’t think it’s ‘worth taking to the Police’ then might I suggest it probably wasn’t a close pass or worse, a ‘punishment pass’? Might I also suggest that you brush up on your Roadcraft?

Putting it on Youtube and waiting for folks to tell you take it to the police just stokes flame wars in the Youtube comments, does nothing to improve driver education and makes you (and by extension us) look like angry, self-righteous nobbers. Even amongst the cyclists’ Youtube comments you will find as many “if you think that’s a close pass, you should try riding in [insert home town]” as you will agreements with the cyclist in the video.

So if we can’t agree on what’s a close pass, how can you expect to convince a single motorist? You will also find an amazing number of crap pieces of roadcraft on the part of the cyclist either side of the incident and fairly often some violations of the Highway Code – none of which helps your argument one iota.

Close Pass 2

Motorists: just pretend every cyclist is your Mum and drive appropriately.

You’re driving around in 1200kg of metal and it’s your responsibility to take care of other road users, in particular those more vulnerable than you. If you wouldn’t drive that close to your mum (or other close relative – there must be someone you care about, right?) then don’t do it to me.

And remember, in this new way of the world your cycling, road-sharing buddies will be straight onto the Police upload site with every genuine close pass video and the super-responsive Police will be on the case.

That way (first world problems, I know) my social media feed won’t be filled up with irritating, self-appointed vigilantes shouting registration numbers into their Garmin Virbs and sounding their Airzounds at every possible opportunity and both the roads and the Youtube comments will be a better place.

Thank you.

Close Pass1

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