New Headbadge? No problem!

So, in a future post I’ll document the story of the rescue and restoration of my 1950s Servadei lightweight bike, but for the moment I’ve got something I wanted to share quickly.

I found someone who can make new pewter and enamel headbadges!

I had nearly finished the Servadei when I realised I knew literally nothing about what decals or headbadge it would have had back in the 1950s.

But no matter – a quick exchange of emails with the grandson of the great Glauco Servadei, and current owner of Cicli Servadei in Forli, Italy and I had a photograph of the company’s historic logo from the shop wall and a lo-res scan.

Damn, I love the internet.

The Shop Wall
Servadei badge
The Lo-Res Scan



That’s when I found the fantastic Geoff Moorhouse, who goes by the name of but can be found on Facebook.

A quick chat on Facebook Messenger (see above re. I love the internet!) and I’d worked out what he’d need by way of artwork. I set to work in Corel Draw, came up with some vector artwork for Geoff to work from and sent it to him. I know it’s pewter and infilled with paint and lacquered, but I’ve no idea if it’s engraved by hand, CNC or 3d printed and whether it’s first done flat then rolled (in which case accounting for the curvature and keeping the circles round is a proper art form). For all I know, it’s hand-forged by a team of skilled Dark Iron Dwarves. I’m happy for that part to remain a mystery

A few days later he sent me this work-in-progress picture, I paid him via Paypal, and a couple of days after that I sent him the photo of the badge on the bike.


Servadei badge 2
Ready for the top coats of lacquer
Servadei headbadge
The Finished Product!














Even Sarah, who’s usually quizzical of vintage bike things, but happened to be at home when the parcel from Geoff arrived opened it for me over the phone and was reduced to “wow, that’s a bloody work of art – it’s beautiful!”, and to think she writes for a living…

So there you have it – Geoff Moorhouse at on Facebook is the go-to guy for headbadges and may well be the King of the Dark Iron Dwarves.



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