A little introduction to the fleet


So, if you grew up in the UK in the 1970s, the chances are you went everywhere by bike. And the chances are you yearned for a Raleigh Chopper. Or you actually had one.

That’s where my cycling history began: not having a Raleigh Chopper.

Instead, my parents bought me a 5-speed, gas-pipe Raleigh ‘racer’ (as all drop-bar bikes were called in the 70s) and I bloody loved it. And frankly, nothing has really changed since then – at least not in my mind.

Sure, the bikes have got a bit lighter and a bit nicer, and there’s a few more of them – but I am essentially still a 10 year-old kid on a gas-pipe Raleigh.

One thought on “A little introduction to the fleet

  1. Great to have you in the blogsphere Dave, I heard a little rumour last night that you were starting this blog. Being a follower of your family blogging output for the last four years, there is no way I could not have a look around here as well. I too grew up in the later 70’s and early 80’s and had a variety of bikes, starting with the mandatory Chopper, and moving on up to the ‘Raleigh Grifter’. Now I well remember my father, slicing some of the nobbles off the tyres so that my light dynamo would work.

    Moving on to the early 80’s I to had a ‘Raleigh Racer’ now all was going well until 1982 when I was stuck with the above machine when everyone else was migrating to shiny new ‘Raleigh Mongooses’ due to the BMX craze hitting. So was mercilessly trolled about my ‘Raleigh Racer’. I never did get a BMX bike but I was certainly happy with the range of bikes I had. I moved to motorised version of 2 wheel transportation when I started work in 1984, but certainly remember my childhood fun riding bikes with great fondness.

    Anyway that is a bit of my bike tales while growing up, it is great to have you sharing your thoughts and memories Dave, and I will stop by as often as I can.

    Rob 🙂


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